Beast Kingdom Teases 1989 Batman and Joker Action Figures

Ever wonder why more Jack Nicholson Joker action figures don’t hit the market? Many toy companies would love to make them, but the actor charges more money for his likeness rights than makes economic sense domestically. High-end imports, however, can get it done. And now the Taiwanese company Beast Kingdom will make it happen. Via their social media, the company teased some 1989 Batman and Joker figures. Quite a few companies have done their version of that Batman, but the Joker? He’s another story.

Beast Kingdom hasn’t revealed details beyond the images yet. But it looks like Joker will feature a lavishly tailored outfit, and Batman a cloth cape. Beast Kingdom figures typically stand around 8 inches tall, compatible with Mego figures and NECA’s similar “retro-action” type.

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Batman looks more articulated than Michael Keaton actually was in the suit. And ironically, this one may see release before Mezco’s long-delayed One:12 version. Other companies who’ve taken a crack at this design include Mattel and NECA. But since the original Kenner figure, only Hot Toys has really taken a crack at Jack. The very first Batman 1989 toys, back in 1989, came courtesy of Toy Biz, which seriously underestimated demand, and undersupplied them. Those, however, predated modern actor likeness technology and did not resemble the stars.

What do you think of Beast Kingdom’s take on these characters? Let us know in comments.

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