McFarlane Toys’ Long-Awaited The Witcher TV Figures Finally Revealed

Not long after The Witcher debuted on Netflix, McFarlane Toys announced they had the rights to the entire Witcher franchise in every iteration. Yet to date, the company primarily made only figures based on The Witcher III: Wild Hunt video game. Fans kept waiting for Netflix’s Geralt of Rivia. Instead, anxious customizers made do with game-based figures and a Henry Cavill Superman head-swap. But now, with season 2 finally on the way, McFarlane’s The Witcher TV figures are popping up at online retailers. The first wave features three characters. Geralt the Witcher, Jaskier the bard, and the monster Kikimora.

Geralt comes with a soft goods cape, which marks a major departure for McFarlane Perhaps as a result, the figure retails for $29.99, $10 more than the DC line so far. (Note: Superhero Hype is an affiliate partner of Entertainment Earth, and may earn fees from purchases made through site links.)

Jaskier, who has no soft goods but quite the goofy expression, costs the same. Surely, though, fans expected to have to toss some coin his way.

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But just as the coolest aspect of the TV show is the monsters, so to does that go for toys. McFarlane went to town on the creature Kikimora, who costs about the same as most of the company’s oversized figures at $39.99.

Preorder now for expected delivery next month. That’ll give fans about a month to play or pose them before season 2 debuts.

Will the Witcher TV figures become yours? Let us know in comments.

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