Super7’s The Simpsons Ultimates Figures Finally Give Us Poochie

In attempting a toy line based on The Simpsons, designers must find character selection a daunting task. There are just so many that the toy folks at Super7 probably had to fight…and fight! And fight and fight and fight! Fightfightfight, Fightfightfight…And it’s now The Itchy and Scratchy — and Poochie! — Show! Wave 1 of The Simpsons Ultimates are available for fans to preorder now, and it leans heavily on the homicidal mouse and cat. Robot Itchy and Scratchy from Itchy and Scratchy Land, along with ill-fated sidekick Poochie, dominate a wave that also includes Moe and Deep Space Homer.

This more or less fits Super7’s usual m.o. of one core character, one antagonist, a supporting character and a deep cut. In this case, because the wave has five figures instead of the usual four, the robots can count as one antagonist. It wouldn’t be fair to separate them, after all.

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Just as Playmates found success with the World of Springfield line by including highly show-specific accessories, so too does Super7. From Moe’s Flaming Moe and panda in a box to Robot Itchy and Scratchy’s cute baby ax and Bort license plate. The figures are literally “all that and a bag of chips,” as Deep Space Homer comes with not just said bag, but individual chips as well. And unlike the old Playmates figures, these come fully articulated, with multiple heads and hands in most cases.

Plus Poochie! New to figure form, the radical dog comes with his skateboard and surfboard, fully ready to pander. Toy photographers should have a field day putting him in awkward dioramas and situations.

Preorder The Simpsons Ultimates wave 1 directly from Super7, or save on shipping by using an authorized retailer like Entertainment Earth. (Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Erath affiliate network, and earns fees based on sales through site links.) Still have questions? Take a closer look in the gallery below, then let us know what you think in comments!

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