The Simpsons Will Cross Over with Marvel for Loki Short in July

In case you didn’t notice yet, it’s the year of the god of mischief. The character is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the Loki series, and now the most-known American family is ready to share some adventures with the Asgardian. Recently, Disney has announced that Disney+ will host a The Simpsons-Marvel crossover featuring Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The actor will dub his signature character in The Good, The Bart, and The Loki. The story (via Deadline) will see Loki and new ally Bart Simpson locking horns with Springfield’s mightiest heroes.

Disney has also debuted a poster for the event. Check it out here below.

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The upcoming Loki short is just the latest crossover between Disney’s many intellectual properties. Earlier this year, fans saw The Force Awakens From Its Nap, created by The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean, who was given the opportunity to use some Star Wars characters. It featured the return of the Maggie Simpson shorts, as her latest set of adventures showed her meeting BB-8. (That time, many fans hoped to see the Simpsons’ youngest daughter meeting The Mandalorian‘s Grogu, but that wasn’t the case).

The Good, The Bart, and The Loki will debut on Disney+ on July 7.

What do you think about the upcoming crossover? Are you going to watch it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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