Hot Toys The Suicide Squad King Shark Is a Big Chunk of a Figure

If ever any DC Comics character were guaranteed to sell toys, it would be King Shark. Companies just can’t really go wrong with an oversized shark/human hybrid. Especially since he can so often get spread out in pieces across an entire wave. Ironically enough, considering the company is known for expensive, high-end figures, the Hot Toys The Suicide Squad King Shark seems (relatively) cheap.

At $220, the 13-inch Nanaue actually costs less than most Hot Toys figures, because he boasts more limited articulation. Only arms, wrists, and waist move on this guy. The level of detail, however, remains second to none, with emphasis on his textured shark skin. And the jaws. Skimping on shark jaws, one just doesn’t do.

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King Shark as a character exists in several different takes. On The Flash, he appears as a Hulk-like human transformed. On Harley Quinn, he’s heir to an ocean empire, and a huge tech nerd. In The Suicide Squad, however, he exists primarily as a self-parody of Sylvester Stallone’s indestructible, monosyllabic ’80s action heroes. That’s this version, though collectors can give voice to him however they so choose. Additionally, the figure comes with alternate hands and a book to read upside-down. Preorders begin now, for delivery next summer.

Check out a few more images in the gallery below. Will you take a metaphorical swim with this Shark? Tell us in comments below.

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