Rosario Dawson Will Voice Catwoman in Batman: The Audio Adventures

Back in February, HBO Max announced that it was recruiting Jeffrey Wright to headline Batman: The Audio Adventures, a new scripted podcast series aiming to put a humorous spin on the Dark Knight mythos. In addition to Wright providing his dulcet tones as the world’s greatest detective, the streamer also revealed an all-star cast of supporting performers, including Rosario Dawson. At the time, HBO Max declined to share who Dawson or anyone else was playing. But now, it’s been confirmed (via THR) that the future star of Disney+’s Ahsoka will voice none other than Catwoman.

Additionally, the platform confirmed that John Leguizamo will play the Riddler in the upcoming series. Other cast members include Saturday Night Live alums like Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis, Heidi Gardner, Fred Armisen, and Kenan Thompson. However, the nature of their roles is still a mystery. Dennis McNicholas, another SNL vet, is writing and directing the podcast.

Batman: The Audio Adventures will be available to stream exclusively on the HBO Max app. No release date has been set, but it’s expected to drop its first episode sometime this fall. According to HBO Max’s chief strategy officer Joshua Walker, the podcast is part of the platform’s push to move beyond the confines of film and TV content.

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“It’s really about reaching customers in a different format where they can engage with us, whether it’s in their home, on the treadmill, on their commute,” said Walker. “It isn’t about driving mobile specifically. It’s really about storytelling, and we want to bring the consumers a story in an audio format — and ideally more stories and audio formats in the future — and allow them to choose when and how to engage with it.”

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