Ninja Turtles Power Rangers Figures Add April, Tommy, Raph, and Mikey

Hasbro really wants to tease this one out. The long-rumored, fan-requested Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Rangers are finally a thing, yes. But rather than reveal the whole line at once, the toy company has shown one a day so far this week. Monday, we got Donatello and Leonardo. Then yesterday revealed April and Michelangelo. Today brings Tommy and Raphael.

Based on the crossover comic, in which the Turtles find the power morphers, these figures show what happens when the costumes and powers get bestowed upon reptiles. And April, who dons the Pink Power Ranger suit, albeit without a skirt. Jumpsuits feel more like her thing. Raphael gets to become red, of course, and with no Orange Ranger, Michelangelo must settle for yellow. Tommy, however, is a Foot Soldier in this telling. And with interchangeable heads, he doubles as a regular Foot Soldier in Hasbro style.

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Will we see more tomorrow? The Shredder has yet to arrive, but with whom might he be packaged? Wait and see what tomorrow’s news might bring. In the meantime, Entertainment Earth has the three announced sets up for preorder at $52.99 each. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees from sales made through site links.)

Take a look in the gallery below for more. Will you preorder? Let us know in comments!

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