Mezco Comic-Con Reveals: Silent Hill, Marvel, DC, G.I. Joe, More

The makers of the highest-end domestic 6-inch action figures revealed several surprises coming out of Comic-Con@Home. Certain items feel expected — more Marvel and DC characters always do well, so Spider-Man 2099 comes across like an inevitability. But the main Mezco Comic-Con reveals in the One:12 Collective category also featured some cool niche stuff for underserved fans.

Dick Tracy, for one, hasn’t seen an action figure release since the infamous underground company Shocker Toys made a go of it. Now, he gets two. Mezco will make not just Chester Gould’s beak-nosed lawman, but his arch-enemy Flattop as well. Should those do well, the original comic strips feature a whole line up of grotesques for Tracy to take on.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill also seems a welcome surprise. That character has cried out for more action figures since his debut, but only expensive import statues ever really engaged. He needs something bigger, really, but this makes a good start.

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Feeling gaslit? No, Joker had no significant role in the original Gotham by Gaslight comic, but that won’t stop Mezco! Their Victorian era Joker plays like a detailed homage to the character’s origins in Conrad Veidt’s The Man Who Laughs. And joining the six-inch G.I. Joe ranks will be Cobra saboteur Firefly.

In addition to all these, the company rolled out images of an 18-inch, classic-style Godzilla. This articulated giant includes light up back spines for a power-up effect. Take a look at all these offerings in our mini-gallery below.

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