Storm Shadow Joins Mezco’s G.I. Joe One: 12 Collective

The fury of the Arashikage clan comes down to high-end 6-inch scale with the new Mezco One: 12 Collective Storm Shadow. The latest G. I. Joe character to emerge in this style is the original version of the ninja assassin, with allegiance to Cobra. He sports a fully articulated body, cloth costume, and multiple accessories and effects pieces. Indeed, this is the masked man you’re looking for.

From the official description: “The One:12 Collective Storm Shadow is outfitted in a short-sleeved karate gi with Cobra insignia, shin guards, and tabi boots. His chest harness can hold 3 kunai in the front and his quiver in the back, and his thigh sheath can hold his nunchaku. Storm Shadow comes complete with two masked head portraits with different facial expressions, and 1 unmasked portrait. The elite Cobra ninja operative is prepared to infiltrate, equipped with multiple sai, multiple shuriken and shuriken-throwing FX, a bow with arrows, hand scythes, and more.”

Though it’s not an official actor likeness, the portrait looks not unlike Byung-hun Lee, who played the character in the first two G.I. Joe live-action movies. The $95 Mezco Storm Shadow is up for preorder now, with an expected delivery date of late fall/early winter.

See below for some more detailed images. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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