Mezco’s Second One: 12 Scale G.I. Joe Figure Will Be Roadblock

Maybe The Rock playing him as the lead of G.I. Joe: Retaliation had something to do with it, but Roadblock appears to be the most popular Joe character these days. At least as far as toys are concerned. Hasbro’s Classified line gave him three distinct figures already, the most for anyone in that line. Snake Eyes may have the new movie, but Roadblock starred in one first. And now he’s the first good guy in Mezco‘s One: 12 G.I. Joe line, following the evil arms dealer Destro.

The heavy machine gunner includes fabric and plastic vests to create both his outfits from the original Real American Hero line. He also wields both a light machine gun and a heavier version with tripod, complete with blast effects. Twelve hands and six grenades help him equip his gear. And three heads allow for expression shifts — one of which appears to do a tribute to Dwayne Johnson’s eyebrow. Mezco describes them as “a triumphant grin, a teeth-gritting scowl, and an angry glare.”

Check out the gallery down below for more.

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Preorder Roadblock exclusively through Mezco for $95, with a $23.75 non-refundable deposit required upfront. Delivery of the figure should happen about a year from now.

Will the gung-toting, rhyming chef of the Joes join your figure team? Let us know in comments below.

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