McFarlane Toys Apparates Injustice 2 Dr. Fate and ‘Hot Pursuit’ Flash

Everything’s coming up Dr. Fate. With key movie appearances in the animated Justice Society: World War II and the upcoming live-action Black Adam, the masked magician is making the most of a moment. And McFarlane Toys know a hot character when they see one. Dr. Fate will soon appear in a toy retailer near you. Specifically, the Injustice 2 Dr. Fate. This version of Kent Nelson knows the world will end, but feels compelled to intervene anyway. The figure’s design is based on the video game’s “Servant of the Order” skin, and he comes with a flight stand for “levitating” poses.

Fate arrives in stores alongside a repaint of the previously released Injustice 2 Flash. Based on the game’s “Speedster Armor Set and the Alternative Hot Pursuit Shader,” he dons a white and gray scheme. This matches another recently announced gray repaint, of the Gorilla Grodd who came out alongside the first version of that Flash. Expect to see Fate and Flash in July. The new Grodd’s date is uncertain.

These figures follow quickly on the heels of another mini-wave that just hit stores, featuring John Stewart, Bizarro, and Nightwing Joker. Todd McFarlane likes his toys to do things differently, so traditional “waves” as such don’t fit his mold. But multiplayer game-based characters allow for many, many repaints. Expect plenty.

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It’s also notable that the included trading cards now depict the figures themselves, rather than the artwork that inspired them. Perhaps this comes as a result of several wave 1 figures looking nothing like said artwork. An animated Harley Quinn figure resulted from a more traditional-style comic cover, for example.

Will these figures do your collection an “Injustice”? Let us know in comments below.

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