Todd McFarlane Shows off New Bizarro, Green Lantern and Nightwing Joker

With his usual zeal, Todd McFarlane took to Facebook today to show off some new upcoming DC action figures from McFarlane Toys. And unlike many he previously revealed in thematic waves, these do not include parts for an extra figure. At least two of them are major characters even the casual DC fan knows, while the other looks an easy variant. Nightwing Joker appears to be a simple head swap on the regular Nightwing figure that came in the two-pack with Red Hood.

John Stewart Green Lantern, however, is a whole new figure. And not just new to the line, but slightly new to comic fans too. This is because McFarlane admits to taking some creative license with the figure that he ran by DC executives to approve. The initial wave of McFarlane DC figures featured an animated take on this figure; now, he’s more realistic. (And for those of you with the same-scale NECA Green Lantern, you can just stick with the Hal Jordan head now.) Featuring snap-on hard light armor and gatling gun, he even recalls the Total Justice days of Fractal Techgear.

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The third revealed figure is Bizarro. Though this could easily have been a repaint of Joker Venom Superman, McFarlane says he specifically made him bulkier, along with a “Frankenstein” head sculpt. Watch the video below for more details:

Preorders for the figures begin in spring. Will you pick any of these up? Let us know what you think in comments.

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