Wield He-Man’s Power Sword With This Full-Sized Metal Prop Replica

It may not reveal many secrets, or spontaneously transform the wielder into a tanner, more shirtless version of themselves. But soon, anyone who can afford it will be able to own the weapon that makes Prince Adam become He-Man. Raise Castle Grayskull’s power sword — or the Sword of He, to serious toy nerds — high in the air and feel like a hero. At over three feet long, this metal replica “features a full tang blade crafted from stainless steel with a mirror-chrome finish.” And the handle sports enhanced grip with a real leather wrap.

There’s more. The power sword comes in a full color box bearing the Grayskull crest. It additionally includes a wall-hangable display holder in the style of He-Man’s shield. The sword itself takes the classic style of the original toy and gives it a slightly more pragmatic blade length.

Take a look in the brief video below:

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Factory Entertainment, which previously created the Skeletor Havoc Staff, will even drop $50 of its price to anyone who wants to buy both He-Man and Skeletor’s signature weapons. Since it comes at a cost of $549.99, take any discount that’s available. A team of Masters of the Universe to lead are not included. But once everyone sees the sword in your collection, followers should naturally appear.

Will you make this purchase and have the power? Let us know in comments below!

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