Eternia Will Be Yours With a Full-Size Skeletor Havoc Staff

Nya-ha-ha! Want to feel like a would-be half-demon dictator without having to scorch the flesh from your skull? The physique might take a while, but now Skeletor’s havoc staff, used to battle He-Man in every incarnation of the Masters of the Universe franchise, can come home. Thanks to Factory Entertainment, the ram’s head weapon, made entirely of metal, just became available for preorder.

Cast entirely in purple, this havoc staff looks based directly on the original toy. The ram’s head skull, however, now bears all the additional detail of an actual skull. It should go without saying that this is not actually meant for use as a weapon. Rather, it should enhance the regal vibe for anyone wishing to imagine themselves an evil lord of destruction. And of course, lasers do not fire from the eye sockets. But anyone can pretend.

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Here’s the part that may thwart a few dastardly schemes: the havoc staff will cost $500. Yes, half a grand in order to look mightily grandiose. But for those who can access the royal treasury of Eternos, or some similar source of wealth, Skeletor’s greatest accessory can come within reach. Take a look at a few more images in our gallery below.

Will you summon the riches necessary to brandish this mighty metal replica? Will you get He-Man next time? Let us know in comments below.

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