The Autobot Ark Is a Transformer in New Hasbro Toy Reveals

In Transformers lore, across most continuities, a large spaceship called the Ark brings the Autobots from Cybertron to Earth. Usually a crash is involved. Other similarly appearing ships have filled similarly functions, but generally, it is a rare inanimate Cybertronian vehicle. In other words, exactly what meets the eye. Yet a brand new Titan Class toy version changes all that. This Ark, like most Transformers vehicles, finally becomes a robot too.

First revealed by IGN, the Ark is one of three new toys based on Netflix‘s War for Cybertron trilogy. Like most current robots in the line, the toys so far have mostly looked like more detailed and poseable versions of classic designs. The trend continues here, with a new Galvatron and Beast Wars Scorponok. Like their original incarnations, Galvatron becomes a big laser cannon, and BW Scorponok a realistic (if overly large) scorpion.

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The Ark in robot form stands a full 19 inches tall, part of the Titan Class alongside the likes of Metroplex and Devastator. A Sky Spy satellite comes included, as well as removable Teletraan-1 computer station that becomes its own robot. An Ark in scale with all other figures would become too huge to sell, so a micro-scaled Optimus Prime demonstrates how large the character should look.

More reveals will likely take place during tomorrow’s Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest. But at minimum, these three should go up for preorder by the end of it, with a July release date. They vary in price from $149.99 for the Ark to $22.99 for Scorponok.

Take a look at more press images in the gallery below. Then tell us what you hope to see next, in comments.

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