The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Baron Zemo Action Figure Unmasks

Achievements unlocked! Baron Zemo got his distinctive mask last week on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And in honor of his finally looking like a comic book supervillain, Marvel revealed his action figure today. He’s from an upcoming Disney+ Marvel Legends wave that will also presumably include previously shown White Vision and Scarlet Witch. (Anyone following social media leaks may be aware of a couple more, but they’re spoilers for now.) The Baron Zemo action figure includes both the masked head and a Daniel Bruhl portrait, for those who prefer his more inconspicuous look.

The Zemo reveal follows on the heels of Walmart revealing a John Walker Captain America figure. Just like on the show, the plastic version of the new cap comes in special character-themed packaging. He includes the shield and both masked and unmasked heads.

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John Walker should hit Walmarts in August, while Zemo arrives sooner, in Spring. And the action figure looks like just the tip of Zemo mania, with multiple new shirts and items en route. One purple mask makes all the difference. Regular-guy Zemo, despite being the major villain of Captain America: Civil War, never got this much merch love.

Will you display your figure masked or unmasked? Check out both looks below, and et us know in comments.

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