Kotobukiya Announces an Official Steampunk Darth Vader Statue

With his excessively loud breathing and hissing, Darth Vader frankly sounds quite a bit like an old-fashioned steam train sometimes. So it makes a kind of spiritual sense to reconceive him as a steampunk creation. If Jules Verne and Ralph McQuarrie had ever crossed time to collaborate, they might have come up with Kotobukiya’s new “Industrial Empire” creation. It’s a steampunk Darth Vader: a recreation of the Dark Lord in armor powered by steam and regulated with valves. And if anyone ever though the costume had to get hot inside before, this Anakin must be positively, well, steamed.

Artist Adi Granov designed this unique take on the most iconic Sith. Purchases of the figure will include a print of the original artwork. Kotobukiya‘s sculptors ran with that design to create a battle-worn steampunk Darth Vader atop an industrial base. The statue, like a majority of Kotobukiya items, comes in 1/7 scale.

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Pricing and U.S. distribution have yet to be determined. However, we can expect product to arrive starting in September. Will we see more steampunk Star Wars afterward? If sales are good, anything seems possible.

Get a few more angles on steampunk Darth Vader in our gallery below. Then let us know if you’d alter this bargain, in comments.

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