Kotobukiya Mandalorian Statue Is Super-Shiny, Has Removable Grogu

It might be a while before we say The Mandalorian‘s Din Djarin and Grogu together again. The two parted ways at the end of season 2, and we may not get a season 3 until next year. Until then, the only way to see them doing their thing is in merchandise form. And this Kotobukiya Mandalorian, flanked by his sidekick The Child, offers an appealing way to do just that. Plus they made his armor really shine.

From the official description: “Outfitted in newly crafted Beskar armor this scale figure features the latest suit upgrades along with a brand-new jetpack. Additionally, the right shoulder pauldron can be displayed with or without the Mudhorn signet. The Mandalorian is rendered brandishing his IB-94 blaster pistol, in an original pose capturing the essence of this bounty hunter searching for his latest target in the Outer Rim territories.”

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Grogu is removable from the base, so he can be put in different positions. Or, if one really wanted to duplicate the heartbreak of the season finale, move him to a Luke Skywalker figure’s base.

Mando and Child are 1/7 scale, which means around 10 inches in height for the bounty hunter. Get a good look at them both in our gallery below.

Where would you pose baby Grogu? Let us know in comments!

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