Superman Rounds out McFarlane Toys’ Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The team is now complete. Since Sunday, McFarlane Toys has unleashed official images of their Zack Snyder’s Justice League action figures in pairs. First came Steppenwolf and Darkseid, then Aquaman and Flash, followed by Batman and Cyborg. Since Wonder Woman came out last year already, that leaves only one. Superman, revealed today in all his black-suited glory.

Because McFarlane doesn’t do cloth on their figures, the cape isn’t as preposterously large and flowy as Zack Snyder likes to make it on film. But the texture of the Kryptonian undersuit is all there. Clad in an outfit Kal-El presumably obtains from the scout ship after resurrecting, this is the reborn hero the director originally wanted. Rumor — and simple rules of basic commerce — suggests there will also be a red and blue color variant as a retail exclusive, however.

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This particular Superman figure has yet to resurrect on U.S. Amazon yet, though once again Canada gets first dibs. Like most of the figures based on the movie, he’s set for a June release. Superman comes with a flight stand and trading card, and should retail domestically for $19.99.

Get a gander at more Superman figure images in the gallery below. Will he join your shelf and unite the six? Let us know in comments.

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