Todd McFarlane Reveals DCU Batman Beyond Build-a-Figure Wave

We already knew McFarlane Toys planned a Batman Beyond action figure. But now we know there’s a much longer plan in place. Not only will Terry McGinnis lead up a build-a-figure wave, but it will take almost the entire year before collectors can actually build that figure. This is actually a throwback — one of the first lines to ever do the build-a-figure concept was Fewture Models’ Devilman line, which took over a year to release the full set of parts for the bonus figure. Recently, lines tend to release them all at once to encourage buyers to order a case or full set. But the four figures in this Batman Beyond build-a-figure wave will release one every two months. To get the complete Joker Bot with mechanical wings will require a lot more patience than usual.

The four figures will kick off with, of course, Batman Beyond. Shriek will follow, then Batwoman Beyond, then arch-villain Blight. Expect Terry in April, then Shriek in June, and each subsequent figure in two-month intervals. McFarlane Toys has preliminary sculpts ready for all but Blight, and naturally, Todd McFarlane made a video to show them off.

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It’s a risky strategy, since many collectors like to get the whole build-a-figure at once. But perhaps the waiting will make the heart grow fonder.

How do you prefer to buy build-a-figure waves? All at once, or spread out for easier payment? Let us know in comments below.

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