Sideshow Premium Format Batman Beyond Is Ready to Take Flight

Batman Beyond talk is heating up these days. In part, that’s because “Old Batman” seems to be a thing in the DC movie universe. Whether it’s Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton, Dark Knights past their prime remain solidly in the spotlight. Which inevitably leads to succession speculation. And who better to follow up than Terry McGinnis, the future Batman? Also arguably the second most popular animated Batman creation after Harley Quinn, Batman Beyond can now get bought right away at the Sideshow store. In a premium format, high-end version, no less.

From the official description: “The polyresin Batman Beyond Premium Format™ Figure features a fully sculpted Batsuit with detailed musculature and varied textures to reflect the armored and tactical elements of his costume. As the inheritor of Bruce Wayne’s heroic mantle, Terry McGinnis wears a silver utility belt and has striking red wings along with a red bat symbol on his chest, giving him a high-tech look. This highly-dynamic statue also features detailed elements of sculpted flame and rocket exhaust as Batman takes to the skies to tackle a new era of crime in Neo-Gotham.”

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The statue stands 21 inches tall, and utilizes a more realistic comic design than the cartoon. And it features a futuristic city base rather than the stone gargoyles of times gone by. As a bonus, Terry is available to come home right now.

Take a look at many more angles on the premium Batman Beyond in the gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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