Marvel Legends Exclusive Logan Movie Figures and Hellfire Club Announced

Yesterday, Hasbro revealed what would have been their Star Wars Comic-Con exclusives, now due out in September on Hasbro Pulse. Today was Marvel’s turn, and everything came up X-Men. On the movie end, the R-rated, adult-skewing Logan movie figures that might not work as well in stores. On the comics side, a much-teased Hellfire Club box set contains Donald Pierce, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, and Jean Grey with an alternate Selene head.

The club come in elaborate packaging that includes a welcome letter as well as multiple fun accessories. Among them: multiple hands, whip, book, and a Wolverine cowl and empty Magneto helmet. The figures will be displayed against a club-style backdrop which replicates the wood paneling one might expect. Both exclusive sets should show up at Hasbro’s site in September. And yes, all involved already made the joke that they created the perfect set for customizing Hamilton action figures.

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During Hasbro’s live reveal panel, even more X-Men figures showed up. The previously shown Old Man Logan (with baby Hulk) comes in a two-pack with Old Man Hawkeye. Nimrod will come with Fantomex and Psylocke as an oversized three-pack. Storm, in her ’90s arcade game outfit, arrives in a Target exclusive two-pack with Warpath and a bonus head and cape. Finally, the Hasbro team dropped hints for a future Rogue and a Stilt Man build-a-figure. Full images appear in the gallery below.

Will you need all these new X-Men toys? Let us know in comments.

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