Star Wars Carbon Freeze Playset and Baby Yoda Bop It Join Hasbro’s Ranks

As the 40th anniversary year for The Empire Strikes Back comes to a close, Hasbro showcased several repackaged figures in a Star Wars Fan First Monday video. But the real reveal was a new Carbon Freeze Chamber playset, scaled to 3.75-inch figures. Designed with toy photographers and displayers in mind, the diorama includes translucent orange filters under the chamber and stairs. And Han can raise and lower into his icy doom.

Oh, and each diorama is only half the full scene. Depending on display needs, some collectors may have to buy two. Preorders should begin on Hasbro Pulse tomorrow at 11 a.m.

The last time Hasbro made a Carbon Freeze playset in this figural scale, it came significantly smaller and as a mail-order exclusive. And a couple of decades have elapsed since then. Expect the new version on retail shelves this fall. Those hoping to buy it may also want to make significant shelf space of their own.

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To help start filling out the scene, it will include a Stormtrooper on a scene-specific card.

On a more affordable note, the Baby Yoda onslaught continues later this year.

Now, on the one hand, that’s a cute Baby Yoda. On the other hand, the fact that it features the voice of Din Djarin encouraging players to “Bop It!” puts consumers in an awkward place. Like Jason Sudeikis’ bad-aiming Biker Scout, the player will have to repeatedly hit Baby Yoda to win. Well, Baby Groot survived the same treatment.

Is there room in your heart and on your shelves for more Baby Yoda and carbon freezing? Let us know in comments.

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