KGBeast Gets a Fancier Action Figure Than You Probably Expected

KGBeast sure is a cagey beast. Not one of Batman‘s better-known foes, the angry post-Cold War cyborg is one of the most dangerous in actual combat. (He sort-of appeared in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, minus cool nickname and gun hand.) Mattel’s DC Universe figure line recently immortalized this scary Red in plastic. And now Mezco goes all-out in the One:12 collection. Furthermore, now complete with hammer, sickle, three heads, and many guns, this beast can take on the bat.

Also, listen to the official description. “Anatoli Knyazev, the cybernetically enhanced assassin better known as KGBeast, was trained by a top-secret branch of the KGB known as “The Hammer”. The master of several martial arts, KGBeast has also mastered the use of every deadly weapon known to man and has proven himself to be one of Batman’s most challenging adversaries.” Indeed.

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The $85 figure is up for preorder now, for a summer delivery. Still need convincing? Check out the specs: “The One:12 Collective KGBeast comes ready for war – outfitted a sleeveless shirt with fortified armor, spiked shoulder armor, utility belt, cargo pants, and plated tactical boots. Complete with 3 head portraits including an unmasked Anatoli Knyazev sculpt, “The Beast” takes no prisoners and is equipped with a titanium alloy prosthetic gun in place of his left hand, a sickle, a sledgehammer, a machete with crossbody sheath, and more.”

Check out the full image gallery below to see Anatoli strike multiple poses and interchange accessories. Moreover, HBO’s Watchmen character Red Scare undoubtedly drew some inspiration here. Will you prepay for this powerful punch-packer? Or is this beast too fear-inducing? Let us know in comments.