Mezco Gives Previews Exclusive Batman Figure a Comics Style Makeover

Supreme Knight Batman, an exclusive figure design by the gang at Mezco Toyz, was their take on angry older Bruce Wayne. In the vein of The Dark Knight Returns and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the figure depicted a graying Batman with supportive armored suit. And like those versions, his costume depended heavily on the color black. (Black is a color. Don’t @ us.) For Previews, however, an exclusive Batman in Supreme Knight style sports a brand new color scheme. And what’s new is old, as in classic blue and gray. He also sports longer ears than the short ones that angry old-man Batman generally flaunts.

The use of gray really makes the armor details pop, while the blue wrist and shin guards show off some detailed linework. One has to remember that this figure stands only six inches — the standard action figure size for most lines. Yet his detail displays on a par with what one might expect from a  toy twice the size and three times the price. ($85, for the record. Available in May.)

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Supreme Knight Batman comes packed with 11 different hands, multiple batarangs, and three heads. Collectors will have to add the emotional baggage themselves. In this Wayne’s world, it’s never party time. In the conventional sense, at least.

Take a closer look at the Previews exclusive Batman in the gallery below. Do you prefer the blue and gray version to the black? Let us know down in our comments section.