Superhero Hype’s Best Action Figure Deals For Amazon Prime Day

Superhero Hype’s Best Action Figure Deals For Amazon Prime Day

With Comic-Con on the way, we’ll soon be deluged with a heaping helping of brand new figure reveals. But Amazon Prime Day comes first. Thankfully, there are plenty of exciting toy heroes and villains to be had right now at competitive prices. From cult faves to all-time popular characters, here are our favorite action figure deals as of press time.

The Star Wars saga’s most elaborately designed villain is too big and complicated to fit into standard Black Series packaging. As a result, many retailers haven’t found space for him on the shelves. Amazon has you covered, with Hasbro’s best rendition yet of the Droid army leader. For $29.99, you tuck all four lightsabers into the pockets of his cape, or remove it all together for future split-limb quadruple-saber combat.
Marvel’s Netflix universe may be dead, but real-life comics nerd Rosario Dawson will always find a way to get involved with superhero properties. Here, at last, is the first action figure since Sin City to bear her likeness. This is hard to find at retail, it’s marked down at $38.99 for now. It also includes Mike Colter’s Luke Cage too.
This figure’s sculpt was based on digital scans of the first Decepticon to reveal itself in the first Transformers live-action film. Blackout also now packs all the detail of a Masterpiece Transformer at a much friendlier price: $34.95. Additionly, the Studio Series line maintains a more consistent scale than any prior Transformers line. And he comes with a li’l Scorponok to drop into nearby deserts.
The second series of Black Panther Marvel Legends was mostly partial repaints and resculpts. However, Killmonger’s figure was an original. It features an authentic Michael B. Jordan likeness and removable African mask, it depicts T’Challa’s nemesis in his “Vegeta” outfit. Yes, there are definite echoes of Dragon Ball here. For $13, it’s yours.
Marvel‘s line of 12-inch figures appears to be on hiatus right as they were hitting their groove. The final figure prior to the break, classic Wolverine features multiple heads, extreme articulation, and a heavy level of detail. Not a bad deal for $49.99.
One of the most technologically advanced figures of all-time. Tron Legacy‘s villain uses projection technology to create a light-up, animated Jeff Bridges face that yells movie soundbites at you. Underappreciated when it came out, this toy is also still years ahead of most on the market. And you can still get it for $44.99.
When McFarlane Toys got the rights to Stranger Things, this was clearly the figure everyone was hoping for. McFarlane may make good actor likenesses, but his heart forever stays with the monsters. In scale with most other popular horror figures, the Upside Down’s nasty predator looks good enough to eat…children. At $27.13, the price isn’t that scary.

Alien vs Predator (Arcade) Dutch & Linn

The Alien vs Predator movies were never super popular, but the arcade game which predated them was a lot of fun. Now, for $34.69, you can own the human playable characters for your own home battles. A robotic weapon-armed Dutch (without Schwarzenegger’s likeness) fights alongside sword- and gun-toting Lt. Linn Kurosawa. Both additionally boast paint schemes reminiscent of the game’s pixel palette.

One cannot have the power of Grayskull without Castle Grayskull itself. Right now, this is the best one on the market. Mattel’s LEGO clone Mega Bloks recently rebranded for collectors as Mega Construx. Then they got busy acquiring licenses that appeal to older buyers. At $222.56, it’s far from cheap. But how else can you build your own Eternian heroic fortress of mystery and power? Furthermore, it includes multiple minifigs like the Sorceress and the originally unproduced Red Beast.
Mezco’s One: 12 Collective line is the best six-inch figure line on the planet, priced accordingly. These figures may be playable, but they’re also works of art, with tiny, form-fitting stitched outfits on multi-posable bodies. This is the best MCU Spidey you’ll ever see in this scale. Additionally, it comes in fully collector-friendly resealable packaging. It had better for $84.95!
Batman’s ready to further save Apocalypseburg in his new Road Warrior-style gear and literal throne of lies. Throw in a crab-legged Metalbeard and let the buildable battle for post-Systar supremacy begin! This one is going for $16.
For $17.63, he’s Pickle Rick, Morty! Pickle Rick!
Everybody’s favorite gherkin-ized mad scientist cyborg rat hybrid became so popular that Funko made him an action figure. Because a pickle in scale with action figures would be tiny, this one’s enlarged to show every grotesque detail. And it also reminds us just how far a madman will go to avoid family therapy.
What action figure deals have caught your eye on Amazon? Let us know in the comment section below!
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