Mezco Delivers Their Action Figure Take on Aging Dark Knight Batman

Mezco has become known for their One:12 figures, which recreate characters like Hellboy in painstaking, accurate detail. But along with official movie and comic characters, the line also offers unique takes that the Mezco folks came up with themselves. Chief among these: a Batman trilogy of figures that only now is revealed to be a trilogy. “Ascending Knight” was a figure based on early Batman comics, followed by “Sovereign Knight” a.k.a. Batman in his prime. Now they have Supreme Knight, a take on the Dark Knight Returns, or “Batfleck” era of the character as an older, angrier, Frank Miller grimdark vigilante.

This old Batman comes with three heads: snarly, scowly, and unmasked. With his square jaw and buzzcut, he bears at least a superficial resemblance to Frank Miller’s other angry vigilante, Marv. His big gun and smaller grappling gun resemble the accessories used in Batman v. Superman. The enlarged chest logo is total Miller, albeit with extra textures. And ten batarangs? This guy has no time to mess around like the other kids. Good soldier.

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At $85, this aging Dark Knight Batman is priced on the lower end of Mezco One:12 collectibles, and like all of them comes in fully resealable packaging with a display stand. He’s up for preorder now, with a $21.25 deposit required. Because Mezco doesn’t want too many…Dark Knight returns. (Rimshot!)

Check out the gallery below for several images of the figure, including him interacting with previous Mezco takes on Joker and Commissioner Gordon. Is this the Bat of Gotham for you? Spill your thoughts in comments below.