Farscape’s Moya Gets the Deluxe Replica She Deserves

Farscape may not be a show that gets talked about a lot lately. But in its time, however,  it was a massive achievement. It combined actors with realistic Henson Creature Shop puppets. They composed a rag-tag crew in the middle of a space war, on a living starship. Moya, controlled by a built-in symbiotic pilot, wasn’t just a metaphorical additional character on the show. She was a location, a vehicle, and also a friend.

As the official Chronicle Collectibles description puts it, “Beneath those lovely lines – reminiscent of a graceful sea creature – is a sentient being composed of biological and mechanical parts. She lives. She thinks. She even procreates. She also rips holes in the fabric of space as a means of faster-than-light, single-dimensional travel. It’s a marvelous escape mechanism, unique to Leviathans. And it’s astonishingly random, to the extent that even the Leviathan and its Pilot frequently have no idea where they’ve wound up.”

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This 14.5 inch long polyresin collectible celebrates Farscape‘s 20th anniversary. Moreover, illumination from within gives it that lifelike feel. Furthermore, the ship stands above a base for an in-flight simulation. And the design hails directly from assets provided by the Henson company. Maybe $500 seems like a steep tab. But think of that as really only $25 for every year since Farscape debuted.

Don’t make Rygel expel helium with anxiety — check it out today. Just bear in mind that Moya does have feelings to hurt, so be nice.

Do we have any Farscape fans reading? Will you be glad to finally get a detailed Moya of your own? Let us know in comments below.