Own Your Own Star Wars Rancor, Slightly Smaller

Anyone reading this has probably dreamed of being able to open a trap door under an especially annoying guest. A trap door leading to a massive underground lair, where said guest becomes dinner for the Rancor. We can’t help with the first two parts of that equation, but Sideshow will soon make available a highly detailed Rancor. At two and a half feet tall, made of fiberglass and resin, he won’t eat any guests. But he can scare or impress them.

Jabba the Hutt’s violent pet comes on a sand base littered with Gamorrean bones. A manacle on his right wrist feels like a tribute to the 1933 King Kong. And his nose and mouth have a glistening finish to emulate the movie’s realistic drool. Although designed for display rather than play, the statue technically is more or less in scale with Star Wars Black Series figures. At a price tag of $1300, however, he comes a little costlier. But Sideshow, as always, has a payment plan.

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Per Sideshow, “The fiberglass and resin Rancor Statue embodies the terrifying presence of the savage, salivating beast in an incredibly detailed collectible format. From its hulking shoulders to its oversized arms, the Rancor’s rough skin is covered with intricate scales, scars, muscles, and spines, introducing unique lifelike textures to give fans a new perspective on its iconic onscreen appearance.”

Get a better look at said scars, spines, scales and spit in the gallery below.