Sideshow Now Offers a Life-Sized C-3PO Replica for $8.5K

While the average toy collector worries about regular Star Wars figures approaching the $30 price point, Sideshow Collectibles operates in a whole different league. For fans who want to go all-out no matter the expense, how does $8,500 sound? Because that — plus shipping and taxes, presumably — is the tab for the new life-sized C-3PO. Because who needs several months rent, when the money could score you a conversation piece for life? (Some of those conversations might involve financial planning, of course.)

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The Threepio replica stands at six feet, two inches, on a base inspired by the Millennium Falcon‘s floor. Made of fiberglass and resin, the figure also includes a magnetic restraining bolt. He even has some articulation, in that his arms move up and down. (Although doing so, requires removing the back panel to access their interior joints.) Push the button on the back of his head to light up his eyes, and use the included remote control to make him say random lines from throughout the Skywalker saga.

For those who may wonder if Sideshow offers a payment plan, as they tend to: yes, but you may not like it. This one requires monthly installments of $1,912.50. So again: pay rent, or buy a life-sized C-3PO? This collectible aims for the budgets of those who wouldn’t have to worry about either, no doubt.

But we can all enjoy the pictures, in the gallery below. Tell us what you think in comments.

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