New Sideshow Superman Figure Looks Like a Composite of Actors

Ever since they became U.S. distributors of Hot Toys figures, Sideshow hasn’t made a lot of 12-inch figures of their own. But every once in a while, they bust out something new, and in this case, soar up, up and away. The latest is a new comics-based Superman figure, but in realistic style. So while the outfit is comics-accurate to the Silver Age, and similar to the Richard Donner version — the face is lifelike. But like whom, in particular?

Well, we can see a little bit of everyone in there. Some Christopher Reeve, some George Reeves, a hint of Henry Cavill, some Brandon Routh and maybe even a touch of Ben Affleck as George Reeves. There’s something uncanny and yet familiar going on with this headsculpt. He also looks like the dude of steel you do not want to mess with. Those eyes have some real determination behind them.

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We’re totally here for the comics-accurate accessories, too. Kryptonite in a faux-lead briefcase, the bottle city of Kandor, and even a Starro “facehugger.” The muscular body is defined but not excessively so, and the included stand and bonus hands allow for flying poses.

“Based on his iconic comic book appearance, the Superman Sixth Scale Figure features a custom-tailored fabric costume consisting of his blue suit detailed with the symbol of the House of El, red trunks, a yellow belt, and a red cape with his yellow symbol on the back. His heroic portrait has a strong jawline and sculpted hair complete with his signature kiss curl.”

Superman will be available next summer, and costs $240. Payment plans are available with $72 monthly installments.

Check out the full image gallery below. Will you be looking to make Kal-El your next collectib-El? Let us know in our comments section.