Mandalorian’s N-1, ROTJ, Bad Batch Lead Star Wars Toy Reveals

The Mandalorian got himself a sweet new ride, and this time you won’t have to back an expensive HasLab project to get it. It will cost $29.99, but such are the sticker shocks these days. The Mandalorian’s N-1 starfighter came as the highlight of Hasbro‘s Star Wars Celebration panel, and will include new figures of Din and Grogu. Multiple panels come removable and customizable, and Grogu’s pod can be switched out for a droid slot compatible with earlier R5-D4 and droid factory figures. There’s storage space underneath all that for Din’s weapons and accessories. Look for it to arrive this fall.

Furthermore, The Bad Batch get a season 2 makeover in the Black Series, and despite all their gear and deco, still cost $24.99 apiece. (Wrecker, the deluxe figure, is even listed at that price, though it’s possible he’ll go up.) Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Clone Commando are Walmart exclusives while Omega should be everywhere.

Other Black Series reveals included a Disney exclusive Dok Ondar, who’ll likely get repurposed into more main line Ithorians. Plus the final Kenner card wave for Return of the Jedi‘s anniversary, which will include a Royal Guard rerelease, Darth Vader with two-stage removable helmet and hand, Jedi Luke (with interchangeable chest flaps), and R2-D2 with accessories and a pull-up neck to store them all in.

A live action-styled Cad Bane also comes to 6-inch, along with Pulse/ShopDisney shared exclusive sets of the Jedi Spirits (Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Hayden Christensen Anakin Force ghosts) and Jabba the Hutt (rerelease of the convention exclusive with hookah and new Salacious Crumb from the creature pack). Hasbro also promises another six-figure wave of winter holiday figures.

For the Vintage Collection, a Jabba-adjacent multipack includes Ree-Yees, Tessek, and the two human skiff guards. Book of Boba Fett-style Krrsantan, also recently announced as an oversized figure in Black Series, will go deluxe for Vintage with nine accessories. Nine Nunb and Moff Jejerrod make up the rest.

Hasbro’s pipeline announcements for Black Series leaned heavily on the Obi-Wan series. Obi-Wan from the final scene and ghost Qui-Gon will come to Walmart, with battle-damaged Vader, and a Clone Commander for Target. Gamerverse battle-damaged Grievous will be Gamestop exclusive, with Pre Vizsla available everywhere. Pre also heads to vintage, alongside Darth Revan, Orson Krennic, Grand Admiral Thrawn (Rebels) and Grand Inquisitor (Obi-Wan Kenobi). These will be fully revealed another time.

In addition to all the figures, an animatronic movement-and-sound Chopper, based on the Ahsoka series, stands 7.5 inches tall and includes hidden Easter eggs. And another 3-3/4 scale HasLab will happen soon, with many fans hoping it’s the Ghost.

The Bad Batch go up for preorder May 4th at Most of today’s other reveals see preorders go up April 1. Check out all the official Hasbro pics below. Then let us know in comments which is your favorite!

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