The Ghost Is the Newest Massive Hasbro Star Wars HasLab Crowdfund

Hasbro’s Star Wars team hasn’t aways chosen wisely when it came to crowdfunding oversized items. Not enough people wanted to pay $400 for a 1/12 scale Rancor, or shell out high-end money for Reva’s lightsabers. But what did work in the past for HasLab was large vehicles for the 3-3/4 Vintage Collection figures: Jabba’s Sail Barge and Din Djarin’s Razor Crest were very well received. Now, they have an equally epic starship to battle: the Ghost, as seen first in Rebels, and soon on Ahsoka.

Some Spectre

The Ghost will measure nearly 28 by 34 inches, so get it a nice big coffee table for display. Able to contain at least 15 figures, it features multiple interior areas like a bunk room, mess hall, four-person cockpit, gun turret, and Phantom II shuttle with room for one pilot and an astromech. Removable landing gear and an opening front ramp allow you to park it, or close up for flight. Multiple exterior panels pop off to allow access to interior play areas.

The stretch goal bonuses are what you might expect. Hera comes with the basic set, but adding backers adds more of her crew. At 11,000 backers, add Ezra Bridger with a Lothcat. At 14,000, add Kanan Jarrus. At 17,000, add Zeb. The G.I. Joe Dragonfly recently made it over 20,000 backers, so it’s doable. This costs a bit more, though, at a hefty $500, the same price as the Sail Barge. Fans wanted that for almost three decades, and have had barely one to want this. But want it they have — when Rebels was on the air, Hasbro made mostly basic five-point articulation figures for it, rather than the full-on Vintage Collection. The Ghost HasLab more than makes up for that.

So far, the project has over 4,000 backers from just the first full day, as of this writing. It needs double that to get funded, and has 46 more days to do so. It’s looking likely. Go to HasLab right now if you want to back it, Fans pay upfront, and will wait at least a year to see the ship in their hands. On the fence? Take a look at some of the render images below.