Black Bolt and Lockjaw Positively Glow as Action Figures

It’s fair to say the Inhumans don’t have the best rep in the live-action Marvel universe right now. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s storyline with the Terrigen mists rocked, but then the TV division had to try for a spin-off. Kevin Feige’s previously announced plan for an Inhumans movie got briefly shelved, as an ambitious TV serie debuted with an IMAX pilot. And…it died. Audiences just weren’t ready for the outlandish interstellar first family. And hardcore comics fans couldn’t support obvious budget dodges like Medusa getting her tentacular hair cut off.

Still, amid the misfires, most viewers still liked the gigantic teleporting dog Lockjaw, and Anson Mount’s silent performance as the stoic leader Black Bolt. Get them right, and an audience might just turn up. Which may be why we’re hearing rumors about a soft reboot down the line.

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Before that hopefully happens, Mezco is rolling out the red carpet treatment for the vociferously voiced one and his canine companion. Part of the high-end One:12 Collective, Black Bolt comes with alternate heads and screaming soundwave effect. Remember, if he opens his mouth to speak, mass destruction occurs. Lockjaw includes light-up antenna, to show he’s no ordinary dog. Imagine his teleportation radius expanding as his head glows.

We expect Marvel to go for a comics accurate look if they try again. However, the current figure just doesn’t quite capture Black Bolt’s comic book majesty. At least Lockjaw looks cool!

Check the gallery below for more angles. Will you pre-order this set? Let us know in comments below.