Storm Collectibles Unleashes Mortal Kombat’s Bloody Scorpion and Cyber-Smoke

Storm Collectibles Unleashes Bloody Scorpion and Cyber-Smoke

Mortal Kombat seems like one of those toy licenses every company has held at some point. From Hasbro to McFarlane and many more, it’s a property ripe for figures, but most contenders have missed the mark. Now, Storm Collectibles has made a happy home for Kombatants. It helps that they also have rights to Street Fighter, Tekken, and every major fighting game from the ’90s. So all of your favorites can do battle in the same scale. With New York Comic Con on the horizon, Storm Collectibles dropped a couple of big show exclusives: Bloody Scorpion and Cyber-Smoke.

Scorpion is the “Klassic” version from the earlier MK games, but now he looks like he just got through several fatalities. And not even the ones you’d expect, as his usual style was always to breathe fire and burn people. This figure comes painted with the blood of many enemies, and packed with blood splatter effects. He takes either a generic ninja mask or a skull cover, and comes equipped with ax and harpoon.

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Cyber-Smoke is the robot version of the vapor-emitting ninja, first revealed in this form in Mortal Kombat 3. He gets packed with trident and bombs, as well as a mechanical arm to drop said bombs. This ninja has no qualms about modern weapons whatsoever. And that makes sense, since he is a weapon.

Storm figures are high-end imports, so the 6-inch characters will run you $70 each. But at distributor Bluefin’s NYCC booth, there will be a buy one, get one half-off sale on all non-exclusive, non-debut Storm figures, so it’s a great time to stock up.

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