McFarlane Adds Gamestop Exclusive Mortal Kombat Variant Figures

As the world gears up for a new Mortal Kombat movie to enter production, toy collectors can also get hyped about new McFarlane action figures based on the game series. And the company behind Spawn just doubled the fun. In addition to highly posable renditions of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Gamestop stores will be selling exclusive Mortal Kombat variant figures this November. The ninja rivals have remained distinctively yellow and blue over the years, but that aside, there have been a lot of costume alterations.

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The new Scorpion variant is based on an alternate game skin called “smolder,” and features green-bladed weapons. He also sports a more monstrous mask decorated with a fanged mouth. “Metallic” parts are gold instead of silver, and the overall color scheme generally looks more muted.

Sub-Zero’s variant is his ice clone. Cast in translucent, frosted plastic, this figure allows collectors to simulate the lethal-to-the-touch decoys that this cold customer deploys in battle. Unlike the one in the game, this frozen sculpture comes fully articulated to match any pose the original can strike.

Both Kombatants include circular logo stands, 20+ points of articulation, and window boxes that showcase the figures’ details. Todd McFarlane being Todd McFarlane, he has also teased the notion of future variants performing their signature gory fatalities. If you want blood, you might just get plenty of it. But not quite yet, however.

Can you wait for these new figures to “get over here”? Do you anticipate a flawless victory finding them in stores? Sweep down to comments below and let us know.