McFarlane’s Latest Mortal Kombat Wave: 1 Spawn, 1 DC, and 1 Repaint

McFarlane Toys and Mortal Kombat always seemed like a natural partnership. Both are fond of spandex, gore, energy blasts and undead things. But at times, it feels like McFarlane’s main attraction to the game is the fact that Spawn is in part XI. McFarlane’s latest Mortal Kombat wave of three once again highlights Todd McFarlane’s signature character. As we predicted might happen, it looks like a reuse of the new Spawn-on-throne figure with his smoother body, combined with the head and cape of the regular MK version, a new paint job, and some extra chain accessories. It’s not quite a classic Spawn #1 costume — the big boot, ragged cape, and massive forearm guard remain — but it’s true to that in-game variant.

Following on the heels of the Mortal Kombat Joker figure, this wave also includes The Batman Who Laughs. McFarlane Toys clearly loves the Batman-by-way-of-Clive Barker design, and here the character gets a nice bloody mouth for emphasis.

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Finally, though, one Klassic Kombatant does feature in the wave. It’s a red repaint of Kabal, with a shiny silver mask. The masked, gray-skinned warrior has seen a couple of variants before.

Full sets and individual figures are up now for preorder at Entertainment Earth. Expect them to arrive next month sometime. (Superhero Hype is an affiliate partner with Entertainment Earth, and may earn fees based on purchases through site links.)

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