Review: NECA’s Long-Awaited TMNT 1990 Movie Shredder Delivers

Ever since NECA announced they had the license to make anything at all from 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, fans have wanted movie Shredder. He remains one of the most iconic villains in all of pop culture, and was portrayed to perfection by James Saito in an outstanding costume. That outfit was so good, that to do it right in quarter-scale would have to be an expensive proposition. NECA made the Turtles affordable by re-using their body parts, but Shredder can’t do that. So to split the tooling costs across two figures and allow for all the necessary bells and whistles Oroku Saki requires, they made a movie Foot Soldier first. Then they reused most of his body as a base for movie Shredder, with a new paint job and a metallic glitter effect that suggests chainmail.

The figure comes with six swappable hands — holding, fist, and open palm for each side. Only the left hand has shredding blades attached. Additional weapons are a spear and a small knife in a sheath. You can tuck the latter into his cloth waistband.

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Shredder wears a massive cape that has a metallic urban camo design on the outside, and is translucent from the inside. It extends below his feet to the ground, draping around him regally and giving the kind of cover most Batman toys wish they had. Seems unwieldy for combat, but a simple hook-and-eye clasp around the neck lets you remove it.

His mask, which features see-through mesh, is also removable, and snaps into place easily. The face beneath has realistic scars from Splinter, and eyes painted with extra glossiness. Ankle and wrist bracers are a rustier, more used shade than those of the Foot Soldier, and have his signature blades. Be warned, though: the blades are hard, brittle plastic. If he falls, they could break.

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Fortunately, this Shredder is better able to hold a pose than many other NECA quarter scale figures (and I have a lot to compare it to). He has a ball-jointed waist, neck, hips, shoulders, and wrists. Elbows are double jointed with ball joints on both ends, knees, are double hinged with a ball joint on the top end only, and ankles are a combo of hinge and side-rocker. His weight evenly distributes enough that he’s not overly top-heavy or prone to toppling. But again, because those blades are hard plastic, be careful. They’re also pointy, so don’t hit anyone with them.

Movie Shredder will run you between $125 and $140. At either price he’s a good deal compared to similar figures, though obviously a much better deal at the lower end.

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Check out our gallery below for a multitude of more Shredder poses, including how he looks next to Raphael and a Foot Soldier.