Gigantic $600 Snake Mountain Is the Largest Masters of the Universe Toy Ever

For those of us who were kids in the ’80s, the Masters of the Universe Eternia playset was the ultimate battleground for He-Man and Skeletor. It ran around $140 back then, and featured three tall towers connected by a monorail. Skeletor’s lair Snake Mountain, by contrast, was in the $50 range, but it didn’t actually hold that many figures.

Times change, the figures got bigger, and prices went up. Masters of the Universe are now a boutique line of 7-inch scale “Classics” figures made to order. While Mattel was still handling fulfillment, they managed to make a Castle Grayskull playset that cost $300. Snake Mountain — especially one that could incorporate elements of the animated versions as well as the original toy, seemed unattainable. Super7 now handles the license, and they’ve been just crazy enough to do it.  Standing four feet tall and spanning three feet wide, the new Snake Mountain playset might just need its own room, and costs a big chunk of your monthly rent, if not all of it.

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The electronic microphone of old is gone, but you get. a much more detailed interior. The pit of monsters isn’t just a sticker, and Skelly has his bone throne. The paint job is much more elaborate than in times of old, with washes and rust deco where appropriate. Kids can play with it, but at that price, will you let them?

Fortunately, Super7 is offering a payment plan of $100 per month for six months (plus tax, shipping, etc.). And they’re not insisting — not yet — on hitting any kind of minimum in order to make it happen. Preorders open May 1st, and we’ll just see what happens. Super7 now makes versions of He-Man now in new-classics style, animated classic style, and vintage ’80s style. They’re even doing four figures based on the live-action 1987 movie. So  you can even choose what kind of power of Grayskull you wish to display in action.

Can you spare that kind of cash for the biggest Masters of the Universe fortress ever? Tell us how you’d budget for it in comments.