DC Collectibles’ Lucha Explosiva Figures Cancel Preorders, Change Plans

At this year’s Toy Fair, the comic-based line that got arguably the most buzz was DC Collectibles Lucha Explosiva. An artist-focused line of classic DC superheroes and villains reimagined as Mexican luchadores. The figures also had a street-art style that made them into more than just characters in new costumes. Pro-wrestling and comic books frequently cross-pollinate, so it was a natural match-up. Masks, spandex, capes…just replace magical objects like power rings with steel chairs.

The figures should have started hitting stores soon. But earlier this week, via Newsarama, we heard that “these items will not be resolicited.” Panic ensued among collectors: there had already been (false) rumors of DC Collectibles going away as a company because of McFarlane Toys getting DC rights. We reached out to DC directly, and here’s what they had to say:

“While the DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! line launched with excitement, we are reevaluating new and exciting ways we can bring the reimaged DC characters to even more fans.”

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That doesn’t sound like a cancellation. That sound like they want to go bigger. Perhaps even beyond the specialty market DC Collectibles is carried in. They do mention the characters rather than the figures as such. Maybe it’s possible McFarlane or another licensee wants a crack at this concept first.

This is all speculation, of course. But it does seem like we will get superheroes as luchadores eventually in some form. Check out our gallery below of the originally solicited figures. Then let us — and DC — know what you’d like to see from this concept in  the comment section!