Bizarro and Batzarro Figure Set Goes up for Preorders This Week

Bizarro am good copy of Superman! Or so he would say, because everything he says is backwards. A bad clone of the Man of Steel, Bizarro is dangerous and none too smart. Batzarro, well, you can probably guess. McFarlane Toys is now teaming the two up for an action figure two-pack, which will begin preorders starting on Dec. 8th. Expect to pay around $39.99 if McFarlane’s usual prices stand.

The Dark Knight Returns, Returns

Both figures look to use the Dark Knight Returns base bodies, though the final designs appear more inspired by Ed McGuiness’ artwork for Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. In that comic-book storyline, written by Jeph Loeb and later made into a direct-to-video animated movie, President Lex Luthor framed Superman for murder and placed a bounty on his head, which many villains showed up to try to collect.

Prior toy license holders like Mattel and DC Direct have made whole figure lines based on the many characters who showed up in the ensuing battle. This could be the start of something like that from McFarlane Toys or just something they put together because it’s an easy partial resculpt, and Todd himself loves making Superman and Batman variants.

The comics arc strongly featured young Toyman Hiro Okamura and exposed Luthor to the world as a villain for the first time in post-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity — he would lose the presidency and be replaced by Pete Ross.

The Bizarro and Batzarro two-pack will go up at “select” retailers, probably including all your favorite online outlets. McFarlane Toys usually only begins such things if the figures aren’t too far behind, but don’t bet on these being available in time for the holidays. Bizarro evidently comes with his large name tag, while it isn’t clear if Batzarro comes with anything. McFarlane two-packs usually come with a diorama base piece, though, so look for that as a possibility.