Batman White Knight McFarlane figure

DC’s White Knight Batman Gets a Rare McFarlane Toys Sketch Edition Figure

DC ComicsWhite Knight Batman is getting a Gold Label Sketch Edition figure from McFarlane Toys and Entertainment Earth.

Per ComicBook, McFarlane Toys and Entertainment Earth are releasing a 7-inch White Knight Batman Gold Label figure limited to 3,000 units. Currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $29.99, the figure is expected to ship in October 2023.

“This brave black-and-white Batman comes with a grapnel launcher, batarang with line, wrapped batarang with line, display base, and art-card stand,” Entertainment Earth’s description of the figure reads. “Also included is an exclusive art card featuring a sketch of Batman on one side and a numbered certificate of authenticity on the other.”

Who is DC’s White Knight Batman?

In 2017, writer and artist Sean Murphy launched Batman: White Knight, an Elseworlds-like story taking place in a universe separate from DC’s main continuity. In the eight-issue limited series, the Joker is seemingly cured of his madness and launches a political career under his real name, Jack Napier. Batman, however, is unable to accept the fact that the Joker has changed his ways, thus turning nearly all of Gotham City against him.

Several sequels and spin-offs followed, which led to the White Knight universe unofficially being dubbed the “Murphyverse.” These follow-ups include 2019’s Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze, 2019-2020’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight, 2020-2021’s Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn, 2022’s Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood, 2022-2023’s Batman: Beyond the White Knight, and 2023’s Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker.

DC has also revealed a World’s Finest: White Knight series, which was teased at the end of Batman: Beyond the White Knight, co-starring the Man of Steel is also currently in the works. The series does not yet have a release date.