Rey Mysterio's top ten superhero tributes

Rey Mysterio’s Top Ten Superhero Tributes

Rey Mysterio’s Top Ten Superhero Tributes

Pro wrestling is the closest we will ever get to seeing the superhuman abilities showcased in our favorite comics unfold in reality. Mexico’s long legacy with the artform takes it one step further, having its luchadors ascend to a supernatural plain with trans-generational characters and eye-popping mask/costume combinations. In this instance, Rey Mysterio stands heads and shoulders above current and past practitioners of lucha libre.

Few have been more idolized than R-E-Y over his thirty-year career. He has bewildered audiences with his acrobatic abilities while standing as the epitome of “the underdog” label. He’s transcended the usual caveats that would normally keep a wrestler of his stature buried in the undercard. He has launched himself to legendary heights across the world. And he’s adored by youngsters donning his masks at events, grounding the myth back in reality as an inspiration to the next generation.

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All of this sounds awfully familiar, right? Yeah, Rey Mysterio is a modern-day superhero and he knows it. He’s embraced that moniker, melding it with his own love for comics. Elaborate, detailed (and ingenious) wrestling gear frequently pays tribute to them. Such acknowledgements have been common in lucha libre for generations, but Mysterio’s speak to populations across cultural divides. It’s not so different from how his wrestling style seamlessly blended lucha libre with American showman grappling style.

This power and adoration is why the 619’s favorite son’s creations are so special to wrestling fans. The practice remains only a small facet of Mysterio’s monumental in-ring legacy, but one which audiences worldwide continue to celebrate lovingly. And we will continue to do so as long as he keeps cranking them out. While we wait, let’s relive Rey Mysterio’s (and longtime costume designer Masahiro Hayashi’s) ten best superhero tributes. Booyaka!