Progress on the Late Michael Turner’s Fathom?

It’s been well over a year since we’ve heard anything on 20th Century Fox’s planned live action movie based on comic creator MIchael Turner’s best-selling comic book Fathom, and rumors had been circulating for a long time before that of who might direct and star in it. With Turner’s tragic passing this past June of bone cancer, it seemed even less likely the movie might come to the big screen, but there’s hope in the form of, who are claiming that Fox Atomic will be taking over the production of the film as a vehicle for actress Megan Fox of Transformers. According to their report, Fox has already signed onto the project, although there’s no director or writers attached yet.

The thought of Megan Fox playing Turner’s gorgeous underwater character in a movie from Fox Atomic (no relation) makes some sense because the outspoken actress most recently starred in the Fox Atomic horror film Jennifer’s Body, and anyone who’s seen the sexy set pics of Fox standing half-naked in a lake could immediately see her taking on a role that requires her to spend more time in water. She also looks a LOT like the women drawn by MIchael Turner in terms of her face and body shape, almost as if she materialized from one of his comics. (Check out her Profile Page if you don’t believe us.)

The question is whether Fox Atomic could possibly get the needed budget together to stage what would be a huge FX-driven movie and who might direct, but stay tuned to SHH for possible confirmation of this new information about the project.

You can read the rest of their progress report at the link above.