Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire Land Directors and Screenwriters

Just over two decades ago, artist Michael Turner made his debut as a writer on his creator owned comic, Fathom. He subsequently launched his own publishing company, Aspen Entertainment, and created other series, including Soulfire. Now, two of Turner’s titles may be heading to the big screen.

Via Variety, Mythos Studios has announced the creative teams for the Fathom and Soulfire live-action movies. Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander will co-direct both films, which will also share a cinematic universe. Kristin Gore will write the screenplay for Fathom. However, the Soulfire script will be written by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt.

Fathom debuted in 1998, and focuses on Aspen Matthews, a young marine biologist with an unusual affinity for water. Aspen also learns that she belongs to an underwater race of humans known as The Blue, who can transform their bodies into water at will. Unfortunately for Aspen, she may be the only one who can prevent a war between the surface world and her people.

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Turner created Soulfire in 2003, and that series was a sci-fi fantasy set in the future. It told the story of a young boy named Malikai, and a goddess known as Grace. Together, Malikai and Grace went on a quest to bring magic back into the world.  While Turner passed away in 2008, several creators have carried on the Fathom and Soulfire storylines in subsequent series.

Marvel Studios founding chairman David Maisel and Scooter Braun are making Fathom and Soulfire two of the first three films from Mythos Studios. However, a distributor has yet to be named.

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