Update #8: New Dark Knight Gotham Times Arrives

‘Femidk1’ has posted photos on the Superhero Hype! message boards of a new edition of The Gotham Times that is being sent out to people who received the first issue as well. It’s part of The Dark Knight viral marketing and this time concentrates more on Harvey Dent’s campaign.

You can view photos and learn about new URLs mentioned in the newspaper here!

UPDATE #1: The official Gotham Times website has updated to this new issue of the newspaper. Also, IBelieveinHarveyDent.com has received an update.

UPDATE #2: Talked about in the newspaper’s new issue, MaidenAvenueReport.com is also online.

UPDATE #3: GothamCableNews.com, Dana Worthington.com, CitizensforBatman.org and SaintsWithunsChurch.org have launched as well.

UPDATE #4: Be sure to e-mail some of the above sites to see what kind of replies you get!

UPDATE #5: GVAFoundation.org has been updated with a message from Dana Worthington.

UPDATE #6: Joker’s back too! Fans are receiving this text message from recruiting@rent-a-clown.com:

Hey clown! Long time, no crime spree! Well, put on your floppy shoes and answer this question: are you ready to get to work? (ReplyY/N)

If you reply Y, you’ll get back:

“Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking. I’ll be in touch before Poisson d’Avril.”

So, looks like we’ll hear from The Joker before April Fools’ Day (April 1).

UPDATE #7: GPDIAD.com has updated with officers of the month, while you can now call GothamCab.com at 1-877-530-2227 to hear a message about how they’ve shut down, something that was also mentioned in the new Gotham Times (the cabs were being used for mafia delivery jobs). As before, you can enter Breitup’s badge number (6773) when prompted at the end of the message for more.

UPDATE #8: A new letter from the Harvey Dent arrived in fans’ inboxes…

We did it! Harvey Dent has officially announced he’s running for Gotham District Attorney! And it’s all because of you — your support.

Your rallies, your petition drives, your videos, your enthusiasm. The Dentmobile brought our message of change for Gotham City to every neighborhood. But it was your energy that brought a message of support to Harvey Dent himself.

And he heard you. Harvey Dent heard the fierce desire all of you have for change in Gotham. And that’s why, today, Harvey Dent announced that he’s running for Gotham DA.

Now, the real battle begins. We all must join together to make sure that Harvey Dent gets the chance to take back Gotham City from crime and corruption.

Talk to your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. Tell them why Harvey Dent is the one man who can save Gotham.

And keep on checking IBelieveinHarveyDent.com for news of the race.

Harvey Dent thanks you all. With your help, we can take back Gotham.


Allan Cypes

Media Manager, Harvey Dent for Gotham DA

Source: Femidk1, Rezzo, thunderclap8