New Superhero Movie Pic and Zucker Talks

USA Today has published this new photo from Superhero Movie, the spoof action-comedy starring Drake Bell and coming to theaters on March 28.

The newspaper talked to producer David Zucker who explained what movies they are taking aim at: “It’s predominantly ‘Spider-Man,’ but we satirize ‘Batman Begins,’ ‘X-Men,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘Superman,’ everything. It’s a spoof of the whole superhero genre, like we did with the ‘Scary Movies,’ but this one probably has more of a unified plot, like the ‘Naked Guns’ had.”

Regina Hall and Tracy Morgan spoof Halle Berry’s white-haired Storm and Patrick Stewart’s psychic Dr. Xavier from “X-Men.” Meanwhile, Leslie Nielsen plays Bell’s uncle, à la Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben.

Christopher McDonald co-stars as the villainous Hourglass. “He’s dying of some rare disease, and he invents a machine where he can continue to live, as long as he kills a lot of people,” Zucker added.

Source: USA Today