Eric Bana on the Hulk Sequel

Scooper ‘Megster’ was able to talk to The Hulk star Eric Bana in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia and asked him about the sequel:

Guess who I met at a St. Kilda match a few days back? The Hulk himself – EB. Eric Bana. He’s filming a movie [“Romulus, My Father”] here in Victoria here at the moment. He said that Franka Potente from “Run Lola Run” is in it. Having heard all this nonsense about “The Hulk” (c’mon Brendan Fraser!??!), I thought I would ask him if he’s coming back or not. He gave me an answer which makes me think he might return. He said it depends on a lot of things, like the script, the timing and whether they want him. But he’d be happy too, and he’s looking to talk about “that one real soon”. I asked whether Jennifer Connelly is coming back, he said he doesn’t “know mate, but I don’t think so”.

Source: Megster