Spidey Webslinging, Fake Sand and Much More!

The Cleveland Spidey fans were out in force on Saturday and here are the latest reports with an additional 56 photos from the set which you can view here! Scooper ‘Darth Scrotum’ writes (spoilers ahead!):

It’s a busy night downtown. The lights are on at Jacob’s Field for the Indians, and the Cavaliers are in the middle of their first playoff series in eight years. And oh yeah, there’s some guy in red and blue spandex swinging over armored truck wreckage at the intersection of Euclid and E. 9th. Here’s some photos of the action. Note: the guy who’s helping Spidey get airborne. Irony of ironies, it’s…Sandman! Yes, although Spidey and Sandy are friends off-camera, the scene they shot today involves the pair duking it out after everyone’s favorite armored truck has met it’s match in the form of a green Hicks Sanitation truck. The armored truck flips, and kerplooey! You’ll also notice there’s a new hole in the side of the truck, and the fake subway entrance has the remnants of…sand (?!)

The Cleveland Indians mascot, Slider, was in Spidey regalia tonight, and Maurice the Sax Guy was feeling photogenic with some kids. As was the webslinger himself. Here he is again, healing sick children, curing the blind and deaf, and so forth. One final comment: I must say that this Spidey crew really BELIEVES in what they’re doing here. They WANT to make a great action movie, and the stunt people and helpers I’ve talked to are under the impression that they’re succeeding. They enjoy their work, and they’ve been very nice to the people of Cleveland, who in turn have loved having them.

Forgot to mention, check out that female mannequin I saw lying on the ground at the 2nd unit base camp!!

‘PMiller’ is also back:

Here are some more from today’s shooting. Unfortunately, no Spider-man while I was there. I did see them crash a bank truck into a garbage truck and also found what looked like fake sand leaning against a wall. Enjoy!

Garboo.com also a new video with clips of Spidey swinging as described above and even more photos can be found here.

Source: Superhero Hype!