Big Spider-Man 3 Report and More Set Pics!

‘Venom657’ sent in this excellent report from the Spider-Man 3 set in New York. The scooper actually got a chance to briefly talk to director Sam Raimi who divulged a few details about the teaser trailer and Venom in the movie. There are some spoilers included, so only read ahead if you’d like to know certain things about the movie:

My brother was staying at the Hilton across the street from where they were filming, and I was a few blocks away. Knowing how big of a Spider-Man fan I am my brother immediately rushed to tell me what was going on when he found out what the men across the street were building around a fountain for. I freaked and ran down there myself at night and they told me to come back in the morning.

So when I got there, I saw Topher Grace and James Cromwell. I was stoked. The coolest thing though I noticed was the black and white Spider-Man 3 logo on the actors’ chairs. They filmed a few scenes where “Captain Stacy” drives up to the wreckage scene and orders people around. Then “Eddie” drives up in a cab and starts snapping pictures, then Stacy yells at the cab to get away, and then they react to an explosion.

After they were done filming these scenes they moved the camera. (By the way I almost got my picture with Topher Grace, but this woman hopped in, then Topher walked away) Hence, me and my sister very sad.

But my dream came true when I saw Sam Raimi standing there not looking busy. I jumped in and immediately told him how much his movies meant to me, and I thanked him for doing these movies. He asked for my name and what I did. To which I replied I am ****** and I work at a coffee shop in California, in which we are all comic book fans, and all we do are discuss your movies, and I told him that I always defended his points. (Which I do) Then I started asking him the stuff you will be interested in. By the way while I was asking these questions a woman came up and a man and said, you aren’t supposed to be talking about this. But I think Sam, seeing the excitement in me didn’t want to turn me away.

First off, I asked him about the teaser trailer and I said, it’s coming with Talladega Nights right? Before I finished asking the question, he said Superman. And I said what? Because you guys at Superhero Hype! said Talladega nights. Then Sam Raimi himself said Superman, and there was another man listening who confirmed that. But then Sam said well I don’t know what “they’re” doing but they told me Superman Returns. Keep a look out.

I had so many questions I don’t know why I asked him these when I look back on it. Probably because Venom means so much to me. I first asked… and pointed to the chairs. Will Venom have a black suit with a “WHITE” logo, unlike black suit Spidey and he said yes. I think I said THANK YOU! Then I asked if Topher would be in a suit or if Venom would be CGI, to which he said he will be in a suit, and obviously the actors can only do so much with the heroes and so Venom will obviously have to have some CG. Then I said and he will be in the movie for the last ten minutes right? Then he hesitated, like he wasn’t sure what to tell me then finally said “that’s correct.” Those weren’t his exact words. But pretty close, this is all from memory. Then I thanked him again and walked away.

I went the next day too and you have most of the pictures. But I found on the street parked above where they were filming the broken taxi… just parked on the street and the Daily Bugle truck that you’ve already seen. I went back to the site and they had guys washing all the debri away. I sat and talked to one of the guys who built the set, and he told me the scene which they were filming and that I saw the previous couple days. He said, basically there is a crane on the corner roof of a building and it breaks taking the whole corner offices with it, and Gwen being in the office holds on to a telephone wire and it breaks then Spider-Man saves her. Meanwhile Eddie and Captain Stacy are there waching and what not.

What else can I tell you… Oh yeah, they said they will be filming starting Wednesday.. that’s today, at Wall Street on a broken down construction set, where they will be filming a big fight sequence. My guess is that it’s a cool place to battle Sandman.

Oh yeah, Sam also said that we will probably not see Venom in the teaser.

You can view the photos from ‘Venom657’ here.

Source: Venom657